03 Nov

To give you more insight into how SEO and inbound content marketing helps B2B companies, below are some examples of companies that use this kind of marketing strategy.

B2B Marketing found that although 56% of respondents saw content marketing as having an impact on sales, there were more concerning undertones:

  • 15% saw little or no increase whilst 29% simply could not quantify the impact of content marketing on their business4
  • 6% found demonstrating content marketing return on investment a key challenge1. GE using Pinterest to influence and inspire

1. GE uses Pinterest to great effect showcasing creativity right across the company with dedicated boards which cover what the business likes, is inspired by, what it is doing, where it has come from and so much more.

2. Flowcrete’s flooring blog with Dr Flowcrete to indicate heritage and experience
Flooring specialist Flowcrete is doing some really interesting stuff when it comes to content and social media at the moment. Taking the potentially dry subject matter of epoxy resin and polyurethane resin floor and wall coatings, the company has created something in Dr. Flowcrete that is simple, nostalgic, and potentially very engaging. The blog is currently playing host to an interesting optimised infographic and is one to watch given the company’s use of Pinterest and Twitter.

3. Atlas Copco uses iTunes apps to help customers on the ground
Atlas Copco is one of two industrial equipment manufacturers included because of their innovative use of apps in the B2B space. The underground mining and equipment app for iPhone and iPad delivers 360 degreeC 3D product information, technical specifications, images, movies and customer case studies for poor/no signal hazardous workplaces – where having information at your fingertips is paramount. The app is already on its 5th version since launching on the iTunes store in 2012.

4. Nokia Solutions and Networks using hosted PowerPoint on Slideshare
Nokia Solutions and Networks offers a great case study of how to use Slideshare. The Finnish telecommunications giant has shared over 145 different files showcasing their expertise and sharing their knowledge. The company’s portfolio strays from the norm with only 36 classed as presentations, 77 as documents and a further 32 in video format.

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