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We bring 30+ years of practical knowledge and skills to the table. These skills were honed across a wide-ranging base of industries (technology, banking, payment services, and investment management), organizational sizes (small, medium and large companies) and audiences (B2B and B2C environments.)



As an outsider, we are able to view your situation with a fresh perspective. We apply lessons learned over the years to your particular challenges. We’ve seen and experienced good and bad marketing and can provide solid perspectives that are relevant to your situation.



While many of the principles of “good” marketing are easy to understand, bringing those principles to life can be difficult. We’ve got hands-on experience developing, creating and executing marketing programs and campaigns and you can count on our leadership to guide your team.


Businesses need a marketing direction. We’ll chart a path and the plan.


Your sales pipeline requires leads. We’ll help you generate them – cost-effectively.


Effective dialogue is key to all relationships. We’ll make sure your messages resonate.


Great plans require great execution. We’ll manage campaigns end to end.


Strategic Planning – The Journey Begins Here

Whether your business needs to develop a budget or a full-scale marketing plan, having a solid strategy is core to marketing success. We can help you through the process from a SWOT Analysis to a detailed set of planned activities. The benefits of a strategic plan include the ability to target your audience, and collect and analyze consumer behavior against your established benchmarks using your measurement system. Every business owner needs to conceptualize their buyer personas and generate marketing triggers. Be found easily in online searches when your content is relevant to customer pain points and provide useful information about your organization, industry, product or service. Contact Marketing Edge to assist in your strategic planning today.


Campaign Management – Execute According to Plan

The difference between success and failure is often based on how well the details are managed. We will handle the marketing plan tactics and oversee timelines and execution. The team at Marketing Edge will execute your campaign according to well-defined plan. Campaigns fail for a number of reasons including, lack of a plan of action, superficial research of target customers, selecting the wrong marketing medium and having unrealistic expectations. Let Marketing Edge guide your campaign through its execution and steer clear of common poor management issues.


Analysis – Learn How to Increase ROI

Understanding ROI and the components that influence ROI must be at the center of marketing plans. Learn what elements of your marketing mix are working. Shift your marketing spend to produce optimal outcomes for your organization. Adjust your plan according to consumer behavior and previous campaign efforts. Your organization needs to know what works for maximum impact. With all of the data currently available it becomes difficult for business owners to know where to look and what information matters to their organization. Businesses depend on relevant data to make critical business decisions. Get the information you need for your next steps. Marketing Edge provides monthly reviews, forecasts, financial tracking and metrics.


Content Development – Engage with Your Audience

Make sure your messages resonate with customers and prospects…and lead them to take action. Quality content, from landing pages, sales pages, downloadables, blogs and social media outreach posts, is an essential element to implement within your campaign. Do you want to build your brand? Gain an audience? Motivate to purchase? Handle a lack of content or negative feedback? Quality content development builds trust with your audience and can even turn them into unofficial spokespeople for the company. Add Marketing Edge to your team to tailor your content to your company goals.


Vertical Focus – Speak the Language of Your Vertical Segment

Many organizations have realized the value of aligning products and messages to the needs of vertical industry segments. For B2B, this means that the pain points are known and addressed for a particular segment using fitting industry language and terminology. Communicate clearly with your audience. Organizations need marketers that can tailor their messages to an individual segment to address needs at various points of the buying cycle. Materials that address vertical industry segments, inform prospects along the sales funnel, motivate them to learn more or convert, and align with the overall strategic plan are a major business requirement. Take all factors into account with the guidance of Marketing Edge.


Coaching – Let Our Experience Work for You

Coaches have invaluable experience derived from efforts within a long career in the industry. Raw talent needs to be molded. This is true in any endeavor. Coaches lead organizations to do more than they could have accomplished alone. The expertise of our coaching show organizations how to develop internal processes, plan for challenge and prepare for opportunity. Sometimes teams require the experience, insight and guidance of “been-there, done-that” professionals. Our eagle-eyed professionals help you get the perspective necessary to develop your business strategy. Make Marketing Edge your mentor for greatness.

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Deeply understanding your customers and prospects is core to marketing success.

Marketing tactics come in and out of favor. Evolving technologies impact the ways in which we communicate our messages. Tactics and technologies are constantly changing. But what doesn’t change is that to be successful in marketing you must deeply understand your customer or prospect.

Further, you must promote your value proposition in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them.Too often, businesses become engrossed by what they “feature” and fail to state the “benefits” that they provide. Some of the greatest increases in marketing results can be achieved simply by focusing primarily on the benefits your customers or prospects will receive.

We strive to develop your “marketing voice” so that it helps to drive your business forward. And, we attempt to objectively make decisions based on data.

We respect your organization’s people, processes, history and budget and work collaboratively to improve your marketing effectiveness.

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